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The British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA) is the only recognised Trade Association for the au pair industry in Britain. This organisation was formed in 2003, on a non-commercial basis, with the purpose of setting standards for the au pair industry and protecting the au pair experience as a rewarding cultural exchange programme.

Members must meet firm business and ethical standards and, in turn, agree to abide by BAPAA’s Code of Conduct, which signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity.

We are a network of experienced like-minded professionals and believe that self-regulation is the best means by which to uphold standards within our industry.

The members of BAPAA’s Executive Committee give up their time and work together to promote the future of the au pair programme in the UK, in the firm belief that:

  • it constitutes an important “cultural exchange” arrangement, which benefits young people worldwide and contributes to understanding between different countries and cultures
  • it supports the economy in the UK, enabling family members to continue working where it might not otherwise be possible

BAPAA’s Executive Committee members

The BAPAA Executive Committee is responsible for the affairs of BAPAA and consists of the Chairperson, the Treasurer and up to 6 members. Elections for the Executive Committee take place at the BAPAA Annual General Meeting.


Jamie Shackell Chairperson of BAPAA from 2019. Executive Committee member since 2009.
BusyBee Au Pairs, Hertfordshire
Sandra Landau MBE Chairperson from 2003-2015, BAPAA Treasurer from 2015
Childcare International Limited, London

Rebecca Haworth-Wood Chairperson from 2015-2019 Executive Committee member since 2003
A2Z Au Pairs, Somerset

Vicky RichesExecutive Committee Member from 2012.
Prestige Au Pairs Ltd, Norfolk
Nicky PriceExecutive Committee Member from 2019.
PeterPan Au Pairs, Kent
Cynthia CaryExecutive Committee Member from 2016.
Rainbow Au Pairs, East Sussex
Kristyna HawkettExecutive Committee Member from 2019

Square AuPair, Surrey

Association Secretary from 2006 – Liz Curtis

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